Primrose studios offers its clients superb flexibility on short-term and long-term office lease contracts; ideal for start-up businesses and other entrepreneurial activities. We hope to seamlessly blend the history of our rich industrial heritage with cutting edge office technology and environmental credentials.
You can be assured that renting office space in this magnificent building will not only provide a great working environment for your staff, but will also surpass your expectations in pricing, friendly office and environmental sustainability.


On the edge of Clitheroe Primrose Studios is at the heart of the beautiful Ribble Valley, which is world renowned for its famous landmark, Pendle Hill. The area boasts a rich history and is filled with legend and mystery.
From the story of the Pendle Witches to the founding of the Quaker movement, its landscape is said to have provided the inspiration for J.R. Tolkein’s ‘Lord of the Rings’.



In 1787-88 by J. & J. Parker, the later owners of Low Moor. The factory, with a 26′ diameter water-wheel, contained 14 spinning frames (856 spindles). Following John Parker’s failure in 1797 the mill was taken over by Joseph King of Liverpool.
Spinning ended in 1810-11 when Thomson, Chippendale & Burton accuired the site for calico printing. James Thomson, the managing partner, had previously been employed by Peel, Yates & Company of Church. 


The works was enlarged in 1827 and comprised of a machine room, bleach croft, three dyd houses and two engine houses. The firm later became James Thomson, Brother & Company, and in 1840 it was working 7 printing machines and 284 blocking tables.
At its height the company employed almost 900 workers. James Thomson died in 1850 and four years later the surviving partners failed. The works was sold to Richard Fort of Read Hall who divided the property into separate units. The new Printshop became a cotton mill, while the Upper and Lower Works were turned over to paper making.


Carol Jones

We spent over 2 years  renting 2 offices at Primrose Studios and were made to feel very welcome. Having worked from home before that , things were so much easier and we were able to get on with our work without have to consider other issues such as office security, ancillary, telephones, IT etc. Primrose have an on site manager who was there to help us with any queries.

At the end of the day we just locked our offices and walked away knowing everything was safe and secure.

Richard Stephenson

Yudu Media Ltd  has been at Primrose Studios for a number of years and we love it.

Louise scallion

I moved to Primrose when I was working from home and starting up my own company – I am glad to say my company is growing and it was the right move. The facilities enable me to get on with work and home is with the family.

Julian Silverwoods

When I moved to Primrose Studios we were looking to grow our company Silverwoods Waste Management Consultants, and I can honestly say the environment at Primrose has helped us move forward within my business. We regularly use the boardroom for meetings or the small meeting room for the more informal chats with our clients. The facilities, locality and accessibility are a big plus.

NICK White

Love it at Primrose Studios fantastic offices!