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In 1787-88 by J. & J. Parker, the later owners of Low Moor. The factory, with a 26′ diameter water-wheel, contained 14 spinning frames (856 spindles). Following John Parker’s failure in 1797 the mill was taken over by Joseph King of Liverpool.
Spinning ended in 1810-11 when Thomson, Chippendale & Burton acquired the site for calico printing. James Thomson, the managing partner, had previously been employed by Peel, Yates & Company of Church. 

The works were enlarged in 1827 and comprised of a machine room, bleach croft, three dye houses and two engine houses. The firm later became James Thomson, Brother & Company, and in 1840 it was working 7 printing machines and 284 blocking tables.
At its height, the company employed almost 900 workers. James Thomson died in 1850 and four years later the surviving partners failed. The works were sold to Richard Fort of Read Hall who divided the property into separate units. The new Printshop became a cotton mill, while the Upper and Lower Works were turned over to papermaking.

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